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Photo: Randy Parker

Taylor Georges

D.O.B - 3/29/1993

8.25 Instrument deck, Independent 149ers, 58mm Spitfire Formula 4s,
and a mixmatch combination of any bearings that spin fast!

Favorite Skate Spots:
Anything kinda hidden and untouched, Westerville Post Office is fun

Favorite Skate Parts:
David Gravette in And Now and CSFU, Jamie Tanscowny in Strange World,
Grant Taylor in Debacle

Favorite Music:
Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bliss, Graveyard. Anything with a guitar
shredding my headphones apart

Favorite Food:
Anything greasy

Other Hobbies:
Working on my car,
shooting photos

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Location: 11 E. College Ave Westerville, OH | Number: 614-865-0421